Christmas Gift Box

Do you want to ‘win at Christmas’ this year? Is there someone in your life who deserves a super amazing gift, but you just can’t find the right thing? Are you feeling lazy, and can’t be bothered to trudge out to the shops?  We have the thing for you! – The Camp Wildfire Christmas Gift.

Give someone a really unique, personalised, (effortless) present this year, and get all the ‘present points’ when they open it!  All you need to do is sign the card and pop it under the tree!

Camp Wildfire Christmas Box contains:
– Gift Box
– One Ticket to Camp Wildfire 2019
– One handmade Christmas card (ready for you to personalise & pretend you made!)
– One special Camp Wildfire enamel pin badge

Don’t worry if you’re feeling skint – If you buy a Christmas Gift Box NOW, we will guarantee you the same price ticket when you buy next year.

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"This will catch on"The Independent
"This is Utopia"Vice