The First Wildfire Proposal

So last year (2017) Amy and I stumbled on this cool little festival called Camp Wildfire, it immediately spoke to us as the kind of festival we’d enjoy! We’re both ‘outdoorsy’ people and run a small business creating unique wilderness experiences for the young and old in the Essex countryside. To put a long story short; we loved every minute! The activities were awesome, the music; on point and plenty of choice of drinks (which is super important).

We decided that we’d like to be part of the festival on more than just a ‘festival-goer’ level. So after many communications and brain-storms we where booked to come back in 2018 and deliver some of our unique flare as part of the Class of ‘18s activity line up.

Cue deciding to pop the question; Amy made the throwaway comment that she would know when I was thinking of proposing. Well, to me, that’s just a challenge, so I had to think of somewhere she’d never imagine, but also that would mean something to us both; Camp Wildfire!
I hatched a plan to organise a campfire story and drag her up in front of everyone to get down on one knee, I knew she’d hate it, being one to shy away from the spotlight; which meant she’d never expect it, perfect!

For months beforehand, I made subtle comments about not being able to afford to get married yet and that I wouldn’t ask her for at least a year or two, we’d been together just over 3 at this point. I pushed the idea further and further away from the busy day to day of our lives, this served the purpose of removing all suspicions and making the surprise all the greater.

There was just one hurdle in the way, I needed a ring, and I knew which ring she wanted, but if I bought the ring, she’d know immediately! Amy has always helped me with my accounts as I find the subject of finance a scary and laborious task that I struggle to give the time of day to. I couldn’t think of a possible option, how was I going to get over this issue? My little sister provided the answer, she and my mum would order and pay for the ring so as not to compromise the operation, the ring size came from a girl-friend, we were set!

Camp Wildfire 2018 came round like a flash! A busy summer in the woods made sure of that!

A problem arose at the last minute…

The ring arrived on time but UK customs wanted to make sure it wasn’t a rare mountain lion or undiscovered species of dinosaur enclosed in the ring box, so they wanted to keep hold of it, this, of course, was less than ideal, we were leaving for wildfire in 2 days! salvation was found in the form of Amy’s mother donating her wedding ring to save me having to use a Haribo ring temporarily.

Eventually, the day itself came, I spent all day checking the location of the ring and managed to rope my dearest friend David, (also running activities at wildfire) to make sure it was all caught on film.

The story went by in a blur, my heart was thumping. I asked Amy to join me next to the fire, in front of nearly 100 people, she realised what was happening. After some nervous chatter, I got down on one knee and did something I never! Ever! Though I would do.

“Amy, will you marry me”


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