Ticket Pricing Principles

This year we’ve decided to change our approach to ticket pricing slightly.

100% of your ticket money is spent on creating Camp Wildfire each summer. It pays for the activities you do, the musicians you party to and thousands of other boring but vitally important things in between (fences, generators, toilet paper etc)!

Our mission is to make Camp Wildfire the most amazing weekend of your lives, so we need to make that money go as far as possible!

A Very Brief Project Management Workshop

There’s a fundamental principle to managing any project that is neatly summed up by this triangle, created circa 1950.

In short, the principle is that you can only choose two points of the triangle and must sacrifice the third. So if you want a high-quality item at short notice you are going to have to sacrifice cost and pay a higher price. Workshop complete.

Our Problem

The quality point of the triangle is an absolute non-negotiable for Camp Wildfire, and we think that the next focus should be cost, so that we can deliver an outstanding summer camp for you at a great price! In order to achieve this, we therefore need as much time as possible to plan the camp.

Unfortunately that fundamental principle is at odds with booking trends. As our on-demand culture has grown in line with technology (Netflix, Amazon 1hr Delivery, etc) booking patterns are shifting away from advanced planning and towards the last minute. (Which I am as guilty of as anyone else with events I attend!)

Half all bookings last year were made between Aug 2017 and Mar 2018. That’s really handy for us because it gives us plenty of time to plan your experience and make it awesome; massive thanks to you lot!

The bookings that came in later than that required us to book equipment and supplies, but because we were doing it later in the year it came at much greater cost! For example, 100m of fencing costs approximately £350 if booked in Jan, but £450 or even more if booked later in the year!

So you can see the problem on the horizon; how do we continue to deliver high quality for low cost if we don’t have the time available?

The Solution

We thought the best way to approach this particular issue would be to open up a transparent conversation with you all, teaching you about the dynamics of what it takes to create Camp Wildfire so you can help us out if you’d like!

We’ve created a new ticketing structure that directly passes on the financial savings we make from early booking to you wonderful people. If you’re super organised and book early, you get the reward of being able to experience Camp Wildfire for a lower cost. If you’re like me and prefer to book late, that’s fine too and you will still get the same exceptional experience, but you will have to cover the increased costs of booking late to be fair to those that booked early.

Book Now For Just £139


Camp Wildfire has an extremely limited, intimate capacity so tickets will sell out at some point.

This system does not guarantee that there will be any tickets left next July or August; it just clarifies what the price will be if there are any.

If you’d like to guarantee your ticket at the best price for next year then click here to book now!

Lee Denny (Camp Chief)

Special shout out to everyone that has already booked for Camp Wildfire 2019; you are a project managers dream 😊

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