Field Games


Currently held by the Badgers, this highly desirable award is, once again, up for grabs by the Patrol with the most passion. Our Patrol Games are always a highlight of the Wildfire weekend. When was the last time you played tug of war, did a forfeit, ran around blindfolded or joined in a 200 person water pistol fight? Ranging from epic games of inter-patrol dodgeball to the havoc-causing Apple Sauce Challenge, no matter what surprises our pesky Patrol Leaders have in store for you this year, you’d better come prepared to party for your patrol.

What is a Patrol?

Wildfire’s Adventurers are divided into four Patrols – Badgers, Squirrels, Foxes and Hawks. Those of you who are veterans (welcome back, Adventurers!) will already know which Patrol you are affiliated too, and will obviously have a deep-seated desire to win the 2017 Patrol Cup.

New Adventurers: pick your own Patrol and shout about it on your Sched profile, or let us allocate you a Patrol on arrival at Camp. You’ll be given the traditional Wildfire newbies welcome at Patrol Inductions on Friday night.

The four Patrols compete wildly to collect the most Patrol Points in order to win the coveted Patrol Cup. The winning Patrol will then be holders of the cup until the following year’s camp, when, once again, the four Patrols will fight tooth, claw, tail and wing for their chance to be victorious. “

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