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Extreme Hill Rolling (Zorbing)

Ever wondered what it’s like to be trapped inside a ball and flung at 30 miles an hour downhill? Well, now’s the time to find out. This is old fashioned rolling on a hill.. taken to the extreme. Try to steer your sphere into the point-winning targets and avoid the obstacles, whilst making it down the wildfire slopes in a winning time.

Adventure Sports

Hammer Horror Mud Run

Run for your lives through the wildfire woodland, ducking, dodging and screaming away from a horrifying array of beasts. Frankenstien, The Mummy, Dracula and scores of the undead will all be trying to grab the 3 tags you’ll be wearing on a belt, representing your heart, lungs and brain. Make it through the gauntlet with all 3 intact and you’ll be given a survivors welcome. Lose more than one, and you’ll be joining the ranks of the undead in trying to catch those still living.

Adventure Sports

Archery Battles

Archery Battles: paintball, but with bows and arrows. Yes, you’ll shoot someone. And yes, you’ll get shot. In this intense and exciting combat sport you’ll use foam-tipped arrows to shoot at your opponents, ducking behind obstacles and trying to avoid being eliminated. Our expert instructors will teach you some tricks and skills to get you through your battles, preparing you to duck and dodge, and even catch arrows as they whizz past your head.

Adventure Sports

Wild Obstacle Course

Including open ground, woodland, lakes and thick mud, this obstacle course will have you climbing, jumping, wading and crawling. Test your skill and strength or simply flail wildly through it in a fit of laughter. Either way, you’re going to get to know the wildfire estate rather intimately (by this we mean end up with mud in places you can’t reach).

Adventure Sports

High Wire & Leap of Faith

Reaching up to 13 metres skyward (the equivalent of a three story building)! Adventurers will first receive tuition in the techniques of group rope safety. The team will then work together, taking
on three different climbing challenges, controlling the safety ropes and completing the leap of faith.

Adventure Sports

Extreme Water Slide

Don’t be fooled – our 165 metre water slip n’ slide is not for dainty type! This pure-adrenalin slide down the hollow meadow should be ridden STRICTLY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Adventure Sports

Circus Aerial

Learn aerial circus skills from a world class aerial artist on our forest rig.

Adventure Sports

Ancient Sword Fighting

Release your inner Ninja with the informative introduction to the Samurai sword. Equipped with a full size wooden sword, you’ll learn drawing, cutting, unarmed and armed defence and test your newfound sword skills with a partner.

Adventure Sports

Stand Up Paddle boarding

Try your hand at this stand up paddle boarding on the beautiful Wildfire lake

Adventure Sports

Rifle Shooting

Practice your aim and compete to become the Wildfire Rifle Shooting champion.

Adventure Sports

Wild Dodgeball

Start working on your ducking and diving skills as to be the last adventurer standing you’re going to need to avoid the balls flying at you courtesy of your opposing team and dodge your way to glory.

Adventure Sports


Do you know your lashing from your whipping? Splicing from binding? No, we aren’t talking wrist restraints, this is pioneering at it’s purest. Camp Chief-Dad Colin Denny will teach you to lash ropes and raise poles and build a machine or structure of epic proportions, which you’ll then attempt to successfully utilise. Using problem solving, determination and teamwork you’ll build  giant swings, trebuchets and high rope bridges of the type rarely seen since the days of yore.

Adventure Sports

Self Defence

Learn an array of exciting defence techniques to keep yourself from harm

Adventure Sports

Sword Skills

Learn the ancient art of swordmanship

Adventure Sports

Slack lining & Tightropes

Test your balance! Learn the art of walking a tight or slack rope.

Adventure Sports


Ready, aim, fire! With crossbows, knives, axes, air pistols and air Rifles.

Adventure Sports

Deep in the forest there’s a secret camp of bygone days – its called Wildfire. For adults only, Wildfire has an abundance of adventure activities to fill the long summer weekend, the daytimes at Wildfire are challenging and inspiring.

As an official 2017 camper, you will enrol in a programme of activities over the weekend. Throw yourself into our huge choice of wildly varied pursuits from: Bushcraft, Artistry, Expeditions, Engineering, Adventure Sports and Wellness.


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