31 Aug - 03 Sep 2018

Society of Adventure #onlythecurious
A choice of over 50 adventure activities included in Your ticket price

Deep in the forest there’s a secret camp of bygone days – its called Wildfire. For adults only, Wildfire has an abundance of adventure activities to fill the long summer weekend, the daytimes at Wildfire are challenging and inspiring.

As an official 2018 camper, you will enrol in a programme of activities over the weekend. Throw yourself into our huge choice of wildly varied pursuits from: Bushcraft, Artistry, Expeditions, Engineering, Adventure Sports and Wellness.

2018 Activity lineup announced in January
Previous activities include

Wild Photography

Learn the basics of film photography using an SLR camera, including such skills such as ‘The Exposure Triangle’, focus, film loading and creative use of aperture and shutter speed. Participants will then be led on a pre-planned tour through the festival to capture some of the vibrancy and action from the weekend on colour film, learning newtechniques along the way.
At the end of the session, attendees will have the option of either keeping hold of their film to process themselves away from the festival OR to hand the film back to the workshop leader
to be sent off for processing and submission to an online gallery within 14 days of the festival

Sessions added are:
Sat 11:30 – 1 and 3 – 4:30
Sun 11:30 – 1 and 3 – 4:30


Drawing Games Club

Consequences, dick drawings and heartbreak illustrations. Brighton’s groundbreaking Cult Milk team will be dishing out awards for your creative output. This is all about getting to know your fellow freaky drawing buddies so extra prizes for the most adventurous collaborative creations.


Leather Craft

Learn traditional Leather Crafting techniques and come away with a hand finished wallet or purse and key fob, stamped with your initials. (or an acronym of your choosing: ROFL, anyone?). Learn how to bevel, burnish, punch and condition your way to beautiful, functional accessories.


Pom Pom Headresses

POM POMS. On your head. So wrong they’re right. Cult Milk are geniuses when it comes to balls of wool and you’ll come away with a creation straight off the couture catwalks of Paris. Perfect for a secret Patrol Party.


Shakespeare in the Woods

Our thespians will take you on a journey through time to Shakespeare’s forests, teaching you how to perform a scene that’ll have you believing Puck is behind the next tree.


Tin Piercing

Cult Milk bring their inimitable artistic style to lantern making. Using reclaimed cans, you’ll pierce designs into the tin, attach a handle, and take home a totally unique lantern from this very satisfying workshop.


Hangout with Mr X Stitch

The kingpin of modern embroidery himself, Mr X Stitch will be on hand at this year’s Wildfire for a whole weekend of very special workshops all running through with his inimitable style. Learn all the skills you need to get stuck into this increasingly popular pastime, be inspired by some in-thread-ible designs and have a natter with other likeminded needle-bunnies. Embroidery is, like, sew hot right now.


Acrylic Jewellery

Design, hand-cut, hand finish and then assemble your very own piece of acrylic jewellery under the experienced eyes and hands of Wildfire’s skilled creatives. Using jewellery makers tools including fine hand saws and drill, you’ll come away from this class with the skills to continue making professional looking acrylic jewellery at home.



Ever wanted to run away to the circus? Well, if you do decide to make the leap this lesson will help you on your way, as Chivaree Circus will be teaching you all the tricks and skills of object manipulation. Warmup and prepare your body for juggling and object manipulation, explore the techniques of manipulation and the many possibilities of how to move and use an object then explore personal and group improvisation using the object, with a focus on the actor’s presence and relationship with the object. And there you were thinking this was about chucking a couple of balls in the air…


Life Drawing

From the people who brought you Death Drawing… ‘RIP boring life drawing classes’, these macabre artists say, who attempt to ‘resurrect’ the art of pencil to paper with a ‘lethal injection’ of theatricality and curiosity with theatrical themed life drawing event.



Learn basic macrame techniques to make your very own waterbottle carrier or plantpot holder.


Mask Making

Want to really show off your Patrol alliance? Whether you’re a Badger, Squirrel, Fox or Hawk our mask making workshops will help you transform yourself into your spirit animal ready for the night’s wild woodland parties. Our crafty leaders will be on hand to help you get creative in personalising your design.


Nipple Tassels

Make your own saucy nipple tassels and pasties using sequins, crystals and trimmings then twirl the night away! (not just for girls!)


Screen Printing

Print your own Wildfire shirt or duffel bag to wear in support of your patrol, whilst learning screen printing techniques.


Tie Dye

Make your own dip or tie-dye t-shirt or duffel bag then wear it with pride!



Weave your way to a wall hanging or pendant with which to decorate your tent.


Drama Workshop

Have you been pondering how the stars of stage and screen got to where they are? Talent, you thought, or maybe connections… No – its DRAMA GAMES, of course! Whether you’ve never acted in your life or are a veteran of the RSC, this workshop will help you put drama into your game, and the playa into your plays.


Nipple Tassels for Singles

Partner up and make a pair of Nipple Tassels for your chosen adventurer. Then decide if you’ll dare to bare and model the tassels designed just for you.

Cupid's Club

Singles Drawing Club

Expect communal drawing: weird consequences, dick drawings and heartbreak illustrations. Or just draw your favourite Wildfirer over and over again forever and ever. 

Cupid's Club


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