31 Aug - 03 Sep 2018

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A choice of over 50 adventure activities included in Your ticket price

Deep in the forest there’s a secret camp of bygone days – its called Wildfire. For adults only, Wildfire has an abundance of adventure activities to fill the long summer weekend, the daytimes at Wildfire are challenging and inspiring.

As an official 2018 camper, you will enrol in a programme of activities over the weekend. Throw yourself into our huge choice of wildly varied pursuits from: Bushcraft, Artistry, Expeditions, Engineering, Adventure Sports and Wellness.

2018 Activity lineup announced in January
Previous activities include

Wild Game Cooking

Grill wild venison on our open campfire under the guidance of our survival experts whilst listening to some seriously extreme adventurers tell their treacherous tales of travel.



Ever wondered how you’ll survive on  desert island? Fire! Wildfire’s survival experts will teach you the lost art of firelighting without modern matches and lighters. You’ll learn about the properties of different woods and their uses and practice building successful fires, using a bow-drill and lighting fires by friction.


Wild Game Prep

NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART… Should you ever get lost in the wild, you will need to know how to prepare and cook wild game. Beginning with the full ‘skin on’ animal, this workshop is an opportunity to learn some wild butchery. Dan and his team will demonstrate the skills involved in butchering a Roe deer from the whole gutted carcass into the main joints and cuts. You will be able to get hands on experience skinning, cutting, jointing, deboning etc. Later in the evening there will be the chance to cook some of the venison around the campfire.


Wild Tanning

NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART… Learn how to turn an animal skin into usable leather to make clothes, bags and shoes. This a hands-on experience teaching you primitive methods to tan a deer hide.


Natural Headpieces

Ever wanted a 2 foot high crown made of willow? Neither did we until we saw these beauties. Our workshop leader will take you on a woodland wander to collect materials, and once you’re back at base you’ll combine them with all kinds of fripperies to create a piece of wearable head art which will keep you in the Wildfire spirit whilst you party the night away.


Wood Whittling

Learn the art of wood carving and craft a spoon, spatula or butter knife from reclaimed timber.

During the workshop you will learn the safest way to use wood carving knives and leave with your very own utensil. Hands on and tactile, this workshop is deeply satisfying and taught by one of our favourite experts, David Willis.


Shelter Building

Ah, the great outdoors, so idyllic, so calm… Until you’re stuck with no tent on a wet windy night. But have no fear! If you take this class, you’ll have the necessary skills to build yourself an improvised shelter out of forest ephemera. Our survival expert will run you through methods of constructing several styles of emergency shelters suitable for different environments and circumstances and discover options and variations that will allow you to adjust your shelter to the season, situation and environment in which you find yourself. You’ll get a hands on lesson in the principals of shelter building and how to easily apply them to make sure that, whether you need to keep warm, stay dry, get cool or get found, you will have the know-how to build a shelter that will help you to survive the night.


Come On Baby, Light My Fire!

Find a spark in firelighting for singles. After Wildfire’s survival experts teach you the lost art of firelighting,  you will compete fast and hot challenges in couples. Swapping partners between games, till you find your flame.

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