16 17 18 June 2017

"This is utopia!"


Deep in the forest there’s a secret camp of bygone days – its called Wildfire. For adults only, Wildfire has an abundance of adventure activities to fill the long summer weekend, the daytimes at Wildfire are challenging and inspiring.

As an official 2017 camper, you will enroll in up to 10 activities to take part in over the weekend.

Throw yourself into our huge choice of wildly varied pursuits from the fields of bushcraft, artistry, expeditions, engineering, adventure sports and wellness. Here is just a selection of the spectacular range available to this year’s adventurers:

Scavenger Hunt

You’ll need the eyes of a hawk, the stealth of a squirrel, the stubbornness of a badger and the wiley skills of a fox to scavenge all the hidden goodies in order to win this woodland hunt.


Woodland Walks

Wander the Wildfire woodlands, learning about animal tracking and flora and fauna identification.


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