16 17 18 June 2017




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Hemp Ice Cream Making

Forget Mr Whippy, it’s all about making your own ice cream from raw natural ingredients like hemp. You’ll be taken through the whole process in this hour and a half workshop, walking away with your very own, hand whipped, home (well, woodland) made ice cream. Just make sure you find the Camp Chiefs and offer them a lick.

Science & Engineering

Extreme Spelling Bee

Are you the kind of person who recoils at a misplaced letter? Can you spell disassociate – and use it in a coherent sentence? In a digital world overpowered by emojis, acronyms and abbreviations, its time to reclaim real words, spelt as they should be. Each round is filled with increasingly difficult words and their meanings until the final last two adventurers standing go head to head in a nail biting spell-off. Add some physical challenges into the mix and you’ve got yourself some very extreme spelling.

Science & Engineering


Sun printing, also known as cyanotypes and blueprints – they’re a little bit sciency, a little bit arty and come in any colour you want, as long as it’s blue. You’ll mix up potions, collect flora and fauna to print with, design your fabric, parade to the sun then turn your magical creation into drawstring bags for hiding shiny things, or a rather jaunty neckerchief.

Science & Engineering

WiIldfire Apothecary

Delve into the wildfire apothecary, where, using natural ingredients, you can make your own soothing lip balms, rejuvenating herbal bath bags or spectacular glitter body balm.

Science & Engineering


Star Gazing whilst learning what you are gazing at, through our Wildfire telescope

Science & Engineering


Learn about our bumbly friends the bees, and try your hand at some beekeeping.

Science & Engineering

Radio Disc Jockey

Try your hand at becoming a disc-jockey presenter in our very own analogue radio station, with Willy Watkins and co! (no experience required!)

Science & Engineering

Treasure Hunt

This mind-boggling Wildfire-wide treasure hunt will test your orientation logic, speed and navigation skills,

Science & Engineering

Deep in the forest there’s a secret camp of bygone days – its called Wildfire. For adults only, Wildfire has an abundance of adventure activities to fill the long summer weekend, the daytimes at Wildfire are challenging and inspiring.

As an official 2017 camper, you will enrol in a programme of activities over the weekend. Throw yourself into our huge choice of wildly varied pursuits from: Bushcraft, Artistry, Expeditions, Engineering, Adventure Sports and Wellness.


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