31 Aug - 03 Sep 2018

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Single? Why not sign up to Camp Wildfire’s Cupid’s Club service to meet the love of your life?

Cupids Club take’s falling in love back to basics. As a member you will be invited to partake in exclusive activities across the weekend designed to get you learning and laughing with other like-minded singles.

More fire-lighting than tinder; these real world experiences will get your pulse racing and your conversation flowing. Catch eyes with the love of your life across an archery range, strike up a conversation at the top of the high wires, then taking them to a swing dance class before jumping in a hot tub with a glass of champagne at a secret forest party.

If you are an adventurous, creative, curious person; it’s the perfect place to meet like minded, beautifully interesting people!

Cupid’s Club are proud to say that many couples that have met through the service are now engaged to be married.

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Psychologists have proven that shared moments of adventure and adrenaline can lead to heightened sexual attraction and falling in love! See this study for more info 

How It Works

1. Click Here To Buy Your Wildfire Weekend Ticket (3 days 3 nights, including a choice of over 60 adventure activities and night time parties)

2. Wear your Cupid’s Club pin badge at the festival

3. Meet other singles by looking out for their pin badge

4. Get chatting without the pressure of a formal date, or attend one of our special Cupid’s Club ice breaker sessions

Bring your friends along too; Wildfire isn’t an exclusively singles event, which means the whole weekend is a relaxed no pressure, environment.

Cupid’s specially chosen activities… just for singles…

Cupid would like to congratulate all the couples that met at Camp Wildfire Class Of ’17 See this study for more info 

– Sarah O and Tim W

– Kimmy G and Dan L

– Jenny P and Lisa F

– Melanie D and Rob P

– Marc W and Rob F

– Lee M and Harriet L

– Jamie G and Lucy E

Marriage At Wildfire

If it all goes well you can even have your wedding at wildfire, just like Ellie and Jack who met as part of Cupids Club in 2015 and got married a year later at Wildfire 2016!

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