31 Aug - 03 Sep 2018

Society of Adventure #onlythecurious

Join a patrol and compete for the Wildfire Cup!

At Camp Wildfire, adventurers are welcomed into one of four patrols competing fiercely over the weekend to win Patrol Points; The Bantam Badgers, The Fearless Foxes, Howling Hawks and the Stealthy Squirrels.

Points can be won in many ways; it’s not all about skill, so keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you. If you are very cunning, you will also be able to nab yourself a special Wildfire merit badge to adorn your toggery.

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The Patrols

Fearless Foxes

Intelligent, creative and cunning; can be a bit of a trickster. Prefers night time but has been spotted playing in the daylight too.

Stealthy Squirrels

Cheeky, entertaining, sociable and fearless – loves having fun with others and making the most of the day.

Bantam Badgers

Protective, passionate, resilient and sometimes a little bit blunt. Less active through the day; really comes to life at night.


Howling Hawks

Gentle, but determined; the strong, silent type. Very able with good mental agility – aims to be first up to catch the worms.


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Previous Winners:

Class Of ’15 Winners: The Fearless Foxes

Class Of ’16 Winners: The Bantam Badgers

Class Of ’17 Winners: The Fearless Foxes

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