Whats included in your ticket



Your Ticket Includes:

2 Gold, 6 Silver and Unlimited Bronze Activities

30+ Live Bands and DJs

Comedy, Talks, Films, Poetry

Patrol Games and Competitions

3 Nights Camping in a Beautiful Heritage Forest


Which Activities do I get? 

You get to build your own schedule from our diverse programme of activities to suit your interests and energy levels. Enrolment will open in the summer.

Once you have bought a ticket we will email you regular updates to make sure you're ready. Activities take place throughout Saturday and Sunday.

Your ticket includes 2 Gold, 6 Silver and Unlimited Bronze Activities from our choice of over 60. You will probably have time for between 12 and 16 activities across the weekend depending on how many Tea/Beer/Gin breaks you want!

The programme is carefully curated to provide a mix of Bushcraft, Survival, Adventure, Sports, Arts, Crafts, Science, Engineering, Health, Wellbeing, Music, Dance, Fun and Games at a range of different levels.


Whats the Difference Between Gold, Silver & Bronze Activities?

Gold activities are designed for you to learn and perfect a new skill! They have a small class size and expert level of tuition. They typically take 90 mins or more. 

Silver activities are designed for you to get involved, try out new activities and have loads of fun! They have a bigger class size but still an expert level of tuition. They typically take around 60 mins.

Bronze activities are designed for you to try something new in a less formal setup and fill every last minute with awesomeness. There are still experts on hand to guide you, but you won’t have a set class with them: just walk up and have a go whenever you feel like it!

What If I Want to do
Even More?

Your weekend will be absolutely jam-packed as it is, but if you want to make it even more special you can purchase Extra Gold Activities or Extra Silver Activities or purchase a "Dynamo Ticket"

Introducing our new "Dynamo Ticket"

If you want to take your Camp Wildfire experience up 10 levels then you can book a Dynamo Ticket which includes Unlimited Activities of any type and priority enrolment! 

Expert concierges will help curate your perfect schedule of activities, guaranteeing availability in any session and taking care of any requests on your behalf.

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