How to Enrol on Camp Wildfire Activities using Sched

We highly recommend watching our series of How To Enrol videos before starting enrolment. Scroll down for a list of FAQ’s and contact details for enrolment support.

Can I enrol in activities before I buy my ticket?
Before you can enrol in activities you will need to purchase your Weekend ticket for Wildfire. Click here to buy your ticket from Eventbrite.

Where do I enrol in activities?
You need to enrol in activities using the Sched website:

When can I enrol in activities?
Enrolment opens on 22nd Aug at 19:00 and remains open for you to make changes until the 30th Aug.

What’s the difference between Sched and Eventbrite?
Eventbrite is our ticketing agent. You should use your Eventbrite account for any queries, changes and additions to your tickets. You can contact Eventbrite on:
Sched is our enrolment system. You should use your Sched account for any queries, changes and additions to your activity bookings. You can contact Sched on:
It is vitally important that you use the same email for your Eventbrite order and your Sched account.

How do I set up my account?
Once you have purchased your tickets through Eventbrite, you can set up you sched account by following this link:
Use the create Sched account box on the left-hand side. Ensure that you use exactly the same email that you used to order your Eventbrite tickets.

How do I connect Facebook and Twitter to my account?
After you have set up your account, click on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner. Click settings and then click on the Facebook and Twitter icons to connect these services.
Connecting your social networks allows you to see which of your friends and followers are attending, and to view their activity bookings. You can also easily share your schedule when these are in place.

How do I enrol in an activity?
Simply click in the white circle on the activity bar. Once you see the tick it means your place is reserved.

How do I add more activities?
Your Weekend ticket includes; 2 Premium, Unlimited Standard, Unlimited Walk-Up activities.

If you wish to do more of a particular type of activity you can purchase additional activity passes through Eventbrite. These will be automatically added to your Sched account when you refresh as long as you used the same email for both orders. Please allow some time for the ticket to sync from Eventbrite to Sched.

How do I make a group booking?
You cannot make a group booking. Each adventurer must enrol in their own activities. If you have purchased a ticket for a friend then it must be allocated to their email in order for them to create a Sched account and enrol. If you put their email down on the ticket at the time of purchase then you don’t need to do anything more. If you put your email down for all the tickets you purchased then you must transfer the ticket to them by logging into your Eventbrite account and editing the name on the ticket.

How do I transfer tickets that I have bought for a friend?
Log into Eventbrite:
Click on your username top right, then click tickets. Click on the ticket you wish to transfer. Click edit in the top right-hand corner of the ticket box. Change the name and email address to your friend’s email. Check the box to send them a confirmation email and click save. The ticket will remain in your Eventbrite orders list should you need to make any further changes.

How do I see how many premium allocations I have used?
Unfortunately, this is one of the limitations of Sched and there isn’t a way for us to display this. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to see which activity is in which tier though so it should be easy to have a quick count up when looking at the ‘My Sched’ section. To see ‘My Sched’ just click on your profile icon top right.
You can purchase additional premium activity sessions at any time through Eventbrite.

How do I unenrol?
If you wish to change activities you can do so at any time by logging into Sched. Simply click on the tick in the activity bar to unenrol. Please note that once you unenrol somebody else will be free to take your place in that activity, so be sure before you do!

What if I am on the waitlist?
If an activity is full Sched will not allow you to enrol, but it will allow you to join the waitlist. Whilst you are on the waitlist you cannot book another activity during that session. As spaces become available in the activity Sched will allocate them to adventurers on the waitlist on a first come first served basis.
Instead of joining the waitlist, consider using the menu bar on the right-hand side to search for other sessions of the same activity, or similar activities using the category filter.

How do I save my choices?
Your choices are automatically saved as soon as you see the tick in the activity bar.

Can I change my activities later if i change my mind?
Yes you can change your choices at any time between now and the 30th Aug.

Will more activities become available, or more spaces?
We will continually add activities to the schedule between now and the event, so look out for more exciting announcements in the weeks to come. Spaces in activities that are fully booked will become available as people change their schedules and as we add more resources where possible to cope with demand so do please keep checking back.

I still need help!
If you need any support, the activities team are on hand to assist with any queries, please email them on

Activity Schedule Changes
From time to time we will need to make changes to the activity schedule. In accordance with our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to make changes at any time. If we need to make a change that affects your enrolment we will do our best to find you a suitable alternative.

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