31 Aug - 03 Sep 2018

Society of Adventure #onlythecurious
Activity Enrolment
When does activity enrolment open?

Activity enrolment opens on the 22nd of August 2018; you will need to book your ticket first to get access to the activities.

How many activities does my weekend ticket include?

Your Weekend ticket includes; two Premium, Unlimited Standard, Unlimited Walk-Up and Unlimited Cupids Club activities. Each activity here is marked up with a code:

  • 2 x Premium [PRM]= You must arrive at the beginning of the allocated session.
  • Unlimited Standard [STD]= You must arrive at the beginning of the allocated session.
  • Unlimited Walk-Up [WKP]= You can walk-up to these sessions at any time, however, we recommend booking in still.

If you wish to do more of a particular type of activity you can purchase additional activity passes through Eventbrite, here.

How do I access to the Cupids Club Activities?

Cupids Club (denoted by [CLB] on the schedule) is designed to take dating back to basics. We have dedicated Cupids Club sessions just for singles. You must be a member of Cupids Club to access these sessions, you can purchase a pass here for £5 to give you unlimited access.

What is the Spa and how do I access it?

Nestled amongst the flora and fauna, you will discover the Camp Wildfire Spa. Here you can pre-book Wood fired hot tub spa sessions or choose from a range of paid-for wellness treatments delivered by expert practitioners.

The Spa costs £30 for a 1.5hr spa session which gives you access to wood-fired hot tubs and use of a Swedish barrel sauna. You can book a Spa pass here. There will be a cold freshwater shower to use before and after the hot tubs and sauna. Please bring your own swimming costume and towel. Nudity is optional. Clean swimwear only, no t-shirts, boxer shorts etc. The Spa team will ensure that everything is kept clean and tidy, and will regularly change the water in the Hot Tubs.

Ticketing and Entry
What does my ticket include?

Your weekend ticket includes entry to Camp Wildfire from Friday 31st August – Monday 3rd September, access to the campsite (you’ll need to bring a tent!), all entertainment and a choice of over 60 activities.

You can purchase additional activity group tickets at any time to supplement your Camp Wildfire ticket. Most activity options are included in the ticket price, but a couple might require a small subsidy to cover any materials you take away (for example, a silversmithing workshop).

What time do gates open?

Gates to the festival and the campsite will open at 12pm on Friday 31st August. The main festival arena will open at 5pm.

When do the music and activities start?

Gates to the festival and the campsite will open at 12pm on Friday 31st August. The main festival arena will open at 5pm.

Patrol Games and music will start at 5pm on Friday 31st of August.

Activities will run throughout the day on Saturday 1st August and Sunday 2nd August, with wild forest parties happening both evenings into the early hours.

On Monday 3rd September the main festival arena will be closed and there will be no music or activities. The campsite will remain open until midday, by then everyone will have to leave, until next year!

What time does the box office close at?

The box office will close at 11pm, Friday – Sunday. Please arrive before this time if you are exchanging your ticket for a wristband – latecomers will not be permitted to enter the festival site that evening.

If you already have a wristband you may enter and leave the festival at any time.  

Why have I been charged a booking fee?

The booking fee is charged by ticketing agents to cover the work they need to do in organising ticketing. We negotiate hard to have the best booking fees possible for you.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for festival tickets. If sadly, you are no longer able to attend, please use a reputable ticket resale site.

When will I receive my ticket?

Your e-ticket will have been sent to you via email shortly after you booked. Please make sure you print this, or have it on your phone for our staff to scan and exchange for your festival wristband.

I have bought a weekend ticket but can’t come on Friday. Can I arrive on Saturday or Sunday?

You are welcome to arrive on Friday or Saturday before the box office closes at 11pm on Friday and Saturday

Can I transfer my ticket to a friend?

Yes, you can log into your Eventbrite ticket account to change the information of your order up to the week of the festival. 

Can I leave and re-enter the festival if I wish?

Yes, once you have your wristband you will be able to enter and leave the festival as you please. Please note you will not be permitted to re-enter the festival with alcohol.

Can children attend?

No – this is an over 18s only event. Children get to go on adventures all the time. Camp Wildfire is a chance for the adults to dance around in the forest like lunatics and sing songs of joy at the top of their lungs.

Can I upgrade to boutique camping?

Yes, you can upgrade to boutique camping at any time before the event – even if you’ve already purchased a ticket. Bookings for Boutique Camping close on the 24th August 2018 (one week before Camp Wildfire opens).

How can I get to Camp Wildfire?

Please check out our travel page for full info on how to get to Camp Wildfire! Please try and use public/ communal transport to reduce your carbon footprint.

How much does it cost to park?

Parking passes cost £10 and can be purchased here. You only need to purchase this once, no matter how many times you come and go from the carpark.  

Will there be a drop off/ pick up area at the festival?

Yes, this will be located by the festival car park. 

When does the festival campsite open and close?

The festival campsite opens at 12pm on Friday 31st August and closes at 12pm on Monday 3rd September.

Can I camp without a festival ticket?

We cannot allow anybody on site without a valid festival ticket.

Can I pitch my tent anywhere?

You can camp anywhere in our general campsite, but not in the main music arena. It is not possible to reserve space in the general campsite. Gates will open at 12pm on Friday of the festival – please arrive early to guarantee the best camping space.

My friends are staying in the luxury lodgings area. Can I pitch my tent beside theirs?

Unfortunately not, you can only camp in our Boutique Camping area if you have purchased a boutique tent. Please click here to book your boutique camping!


Due to the extremely hot and dry weather this summer there is a high risk of fire in our woodland location.

To ensure that everyone is safe we will be banning all BBQs, Campfires and Solid Fuel Stoves from Camp Wildfire.

Small 220g gas stoves can be used in the designated Camp Cooking Areas onsite only. These areas will have enhanced firefighting facilities and paving stones to place gas stoves on.

Each person may bring a maximum of one 220g gas canister into the campsite with them. There will be a Camp Cooking Area in the general campsite.

Anyone found using a gas stove other than in the designated Camp Cooking Areas will be ejected from the site immediately.

Anyone found lighting a fire, using a BBQ or Solid Fuel Stove will be ejected from the site immediately.

We also ask that people take the time to ensure that any cigarettes are fully extinguished and discarded of safely in the sand buckets we will be providing around the site.

We hope you can all appreciate just how important it is that we work together on this one to keep the festival site safe! Please pass on the message to your fellow campers!

Can I bring my campervan/ caravan/ live-in vehicle to Camp Wildfire?

Yes, you can! You will need to have purchased a small, medium or large live-in vehicle pass dependant on the size of the vehicle. Please note that live-in vehicle passes do not include electric/ water hook-ups. Live-in vehicle passes are no longer available to purchase.

Can I have a tent included as part of my live-in vehicle pitch?

Unfortunately, tents are not permitted in the live-in vehicle area for health and safety reasons. Please pitch your tent in the festival campsite.

Can I bring a trailer tent?

Yes. You will need to have purchased a small live in vehicle pass for your trailer tent. Live-in vehicle passes are no longer available to purchase.

Can I purchase an electricity hook up?

Power hook ups are no longer available to buy.

Yes, you will need to purchase an unlimited Shower Pass for £10 to use these facilities. Your ticket will be exchanged at the box office when you arrive. This can be purchased here.

Can I still use the luxury shower and toilet facilities even if I’m not staying in the boutique camping site?

No, only those staying in the Boutique Campsite will have access to these.

Do you have accessible facilities?

If you require support in accessing the event, please get in touch with us at office@campwildfire.co.uk to discuss your requirements. We will do everything we can to support you in your adventure!

Can I stay in accommodation away from the site?

Yes. Please make sure you have a safe way to travel between your accommodation and the site.

Festival Experience
Where is the music lineup?

You can view our music lineup here. It has been curated by the multi-award winning team behind Neverworld (By LeeFest) so you know it’s going to be excellent. We have a very eclectic taste and are incredibly passionate about music that rouses the soul and makes people either cry with joy, or want to dance.

When does the music start and end?

The fun all kicks off at 5pm Friday and finishes at 2am Monday.

Will there be food available at the festival?

Yes, we have a selection of the UK’s most delicious street food traders in the main Camp Wildfire arena.

We try really hard to cater for everybody at Camp Wildfire and always offer a wide variety of cuisines and we always offer Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free options.

Will there be bars at the festival?

Yes! We have a bar onsite selling local craft beer, lager, cider, wine by the glass or bottle, prosecco by the glass or bottle, spirits and cocktails. A pint of beer costs from £5.50, a glass of wine from £4.50 and spirits from £4.50.

Is there a map of the festival?

There will be a map of the festival in your programme which you will receive upon entry.

What should I do if I lose something?

Go to the information tent in the main arena and report it. The location of the information tent will be provided on the site map which you will find in your festival programme.

Will there be running water?

Yes, we have taps throughout the festival site. Please bring a reusable bottle to fill up.

Do I need to buy a Wildfire mug?

Wildfire is a disposable free festival. Please bring a water bottle (for water) and enamel mug (for hot drinks and the bar) with you. We will have Camp Wildfire water bottles (£7) and pint sized Camp Wildfire enamel mugs (£5) for sale onsite if you do not already have one.This is inspired by the many great camps we have attended where people own and care for their belongings, and get years of use out of beautiful and quality things; we hope that we can use this to improve the festival experience and move it away from one of careless waste and appreciate your support in this endeavour.

I’m an artist how can I apply to play at the festival?

Find out more here!

How can I find out more about trading or volunteering at the festival?

Find out more here!

Why do I have to pay a litter bond?

We strive to leave Camp Wildfire as lovely as when we found it. To encourage all campers to help us combat post-festival litter problems, we add a £5 litter bond to your tickets. This will be refunded at the end of the festival when your full bin bag is handed into one of our litter crew, who can be located in the campsite.

What to bring 
Can I bring my own alcohol?

You can bring a maximum of 6 cans of beer/cider/pre-mixed spirits OR 1 bottle of wine into the campsite. Spirits are not allowed to be brought into the event. We will stock all the very best, locally brewed drinks at the camp bar. Let’s face it, bringing alcohol to a festival is always a bit of a chore. Glass will not be allowed into the event site for safety reasons.


Can I bring my own food to the festival?

Yes. However, we always find loads of food left in the campsite at the end, so please only bring what you will actually eat.

What else should I bring with me?

– Cash and cards (for food, general store, additional activities, hot tubs and bar)
– Sleeping bag and tent (if you are not staying in our luxury lodgings)
– Torch
– Mugs and cups
– Your Wildfire enamel badge (or buy one onsite at the general store)
– Swimwear and towel (in case you are showering or want to relax in the hot tubs)
– Comfortable, warm clothes including a wooly hat for the night-times
– Extra lavatory roll
– Suitable footwear and clothing for activities that you don’t mind getting dirty
– An old analogue camera
– 1950s style camping gear and your patrol colours
– Ukelele or guitar
– Biodegradable litter

What is your policy on drugs?

Everybody is subject to a full search on entering the site. Anybody found with illegal drugs will have them confiscated and may be reported to the police.

Legal highs are also banned from Camp Wildfire, as they can be exceptionally dangerous. Anybody found with these will have them confiscated and may be ejected from the site.

Are there first aid services on site?

Yes, we have fully staffed welfare tent on site open 24/7 throughout the festival. The location of the welfare tent will be provided on the sitemap which you will find in your festival programme.

I can’t find the answer to my question here. What can I do?

Feel free to send a message with your question to office@campwildfire.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help!

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