31 Aug - 03 Sep 2018

Society of Adventure #onlythecurious
A choice of over 50 adventure activities included in Your ticket price

Deep in the forest there’s a secret camp of bygone days – its called Wildfire. For adults only, Wildfire has an abundance of adventure activities to fill the long summer weekend, the daytimes at Wildfire are challenging and inspiring.

As an official 2018 camper, you will enrol in a programme of activities over the weekend. Throw yourself into our huge choice of wildly varied pursuits from: Bushcraft, Artistry, Expeditions, Engineering, Adventure Sports and Wellness.

2018 Activity lineup announced in January
Previous activities include

Nipple Tassels for Singles

Partner up and make a pair of Nipple Tassels for your chosen adventurer. Then decide if you’ll dare to bare and model the tassels designed just for you.

Cupid's Club

Swinging for Singles

Find your fling whilst you swing. Courting the old fashion way… Dance, laugh and learn to swing in this pulse racing singles class.

Cupid's Club

Singles Drawing Club

Expect communal drawing: weird consequences, dick drawings and heartbreak illustrations. Or just draw your favourite Wildfirer over and over again forever and ever. 

Cupid's Club

Come On Baby, Light My Fire!

Find a spark in firelighting for singles. After Wildfire’s survival experts teach you the lost art of firelighting,  you will compete fast and hot challenges in couples. Swapping partners between games, till you find your flame.

Cupid's Club

Yoga Dating

5 minutes on a mat with someone and and you’ll soon know if you’re made for each other. You’ll move around the group, pairing up with other adventurers to perform yoga moves with your partners, as instructed by our yogi and her partner. Then linger for a chat if you’ve executed a particularly satisfying downward dog with a fellow adventurer. 

Cupid's Club


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