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Hey Campers,

We hope you’re getting as excited as we are for Camp this year!

As you know, our aim is to continually improve Camp for guests with additional accessibility needs, and we would like to update you on the updates we have made since last year.  

Updates for 2023;

  • We have created a simplified 'Accessible Facilities Wristband' system
  • Queue jump for drop-in activities has been discontinued following abuse and difficulties in last years test run
  • More accessible toilets and showers provision with better RADAR locking to prevent misuse


Join the Accessible Camp Wildfire Facebook group to meet other campers with accessible needs and to field any questions to the team.


In order to access the accessible facilities onsite, you will need a wristband. To obtain an accessible facilities wristband you must apply in advance. Applications for our 2023 events have now closed, if you still need a wristband- please email us directly on office@campwildfire.co.uk and we will do our best to arrange for you in time. Once approved you will be provided with an accessible facilities wristband on arrival, along with your personal assistant and any children under your supervision. If you have already been approved for a Personal Assistance Ticket you will automatically be issued a wristband, you do not need to apply again.

Accessible facilities include;

Accessible Toilets

  • Available in all campsites and around camp
  • Will be marked on a map that is provided to you on arrival
  • Will be secured by a RADAR key

Accessible Showers

  • Available in Accessible Camping and Boutique Camping
  • Will be marked on a map that is provided to you on arrival
  • Will be secured by a RADAR key

Accessibility Shuttle Buggy

  • During ingress/egress will run between Accessible Parking and Accessible Camping
  • During live event will run a fixed route between accessible camping and adventure valley with stops at Basecamp, Centrecamp, Intrepid Forest, Boutique Camping and Playing Fields
  • There is no fixed timetable it just runs continuously

Accessible Entrance Lane

  • An accessible entrance lane at General Camping to reduce queueing times.


To bring an assistance animal you must apply for permission in advance of arriving using this form.

Assistance animals must wear a vest identifying them and be kept on a lead at all times whilst onsite at the event for their safety.


Please keep medication in its original packaging. There will is a fridge available at the medical tent in Basecamp if you require cold storage for your medication.


Please bring your own RADAR keys. They are available to purchase online for £5.

If you lose your RADAR key there will be some available for short term loan (30 minutes) from the information cabins and the medical tent onsite.


For those needing a moment of calm in a relaxing space away from aural and visual stimulation, we have The Retreat which will be marked on the event map.