Helen Czerski

Dr Helen Czerski is, first and foremost a physicist, but she's picked up a few other labels along the way.  Oceanographer, author, broadcaster and bubble enthusiast.  She is a regular presenter on The Cosmic Shambles Network and Fully Charged, has fronted a number of acclaimed TV documentaries for the BBC, has spoken all over the world at iconic venues such as the Royal Albert Hall (and now Camp Wildfire!) and was one of the prestigious 2020 Royal Institution Christmas Lecturers.  Her first book, Storm in a Teacup, was an award winning international best seller. 

Helen links the little things we see every day with the big world we live in.  By using something small - popcorn, coffee stains and refrigerator magnets - we can explain some of the most important science and technology of our time.  Helen sees physics as the toolbox of science: physics as fun, as never before.