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Completely amazing weekend. Friendly, enthusiastic, open, interesting people, doing tons of exciting, fun and often hilarious activities. Loved the ridiculously silly patrol rivalry, and the staff couldn't have been more helpful. You could have a pretty chilled time in the artsy/outdoorsy activities or exhaust yourself with all the energetic ones, or anything in between. The final party was awesome and I want to live in Camp Wildfire 🙂 If you're the sort of person who likes to get stuck in and have a laugh you'll love it - and if you're super competitive in entirely stupid games, then so much the better. Please please please don't let the minor issues in other reviews put you off this amazing experience - I didn't get all the activities I wanted originally either, but it didn't matter because they were all such fun. And no festival has "enough" toilets. I have seen an awful lot worse! It was completely brilliant, I can't stop talking about it, and am about to buy my ticket for next year 🙂 Lots of love, from this very excited Squirrel xxx. #welovenuts
Awesome fun, wonderful people, a unique and super exciting weekend of adventure and joy!
A MAGICAL PLACE! great activities and the best people! A must to go every year!! <3
Had a fab weekend really enjoyed it apart from were all the tents we're and you had a stall there playing there horrible music that was the down side
I knew I would return after about an hour. See you in 2019!
It's been another amazing Wildfire Adventurecamp, 2nd year for me -absolutely loved it. Thanks guys!!!
First time at the festival and so glad i found out about it. Equally suited to those looking for more of a wild party, having a drink and partying late into the night or those who like a more chilled out time around the campfire or chilling with friends in the camp site. There are so many activities for all and a huge variety to choose from, truly one of its kind, helping you to feel at one with nature. Just do it!
Most amazing and fun experience ever!! So many opportunities and just so much fun! It’s always the highlight of my year!! 💗😍
One of the weirdest and most wonderful festivals I've ever been to. Our group (which grows bigger every year) has been going for three years - even though we've just come back, we can't wait for Wildfire 2019!
Such a fantastic festival. Small and everything was so close. The activities were fantastic, diverse and enjoyable. Was never really a queue for the toilets but the showers had a fair bit of wait time. I had never experienced an adults even like it.
Had an amazing weekend, wholesome, friendly chilled out atmosphere. Such wonderful variety! Really appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into everything and the location is AMAZING! Would love to see more performance art in the evening and a fair ground ride perhaps a small Ferris wheel, also maybe some sort of food for breakfast at the campsite ⛺️. It was our first year and we will definitely be back! If not just to receive the “BYE” chant from the whole camp as we left 😁 well done Lee and Jules!!
Another great year at wildfire �� thank you to all the production team
What a weekend. We did loads of activities and also squeezed in somethings we hadn’t planned to which were unexpected treats.

A small, quality festival.

Where else can you try beekeeping and play piggyback dodgeball after trying out silent disco yoga???
friendly, very well organised, every day was packed with activities and no moment was dull.
definitely coming back next year and will continue in years to come.
A fantastic weekend with so many choices that everyone can find their own balance of self-care, socialising and activity. It was our first time this year and we enjoyed the whole experience. We camped next to some more newbies and made friends! Everyone we encountered was friendly, approachable and heaps of fun!
Loved the variety of food venues inc. veggie and vegan options, clean loos, hot showers and litter free environment. The best and only festival where you can climb trees, try calligraphy, shoot cross bows, zorb etc by day and party by night.
Our highlights:
- Space science & astronomy (andromeda galaxy)
- Swing dancing
- Calligraphy & Apothecary
- Escape + Evade
- Survival Skills

We're rallying up our "lost boys + girls" to join us next year for this wholesome festival of happiness on team #HAWK 🦅 Ka-Kaaw
Best festival I have ever been to! It's the kind of secluded, passionate and friendly experience that you can only dream about having the opertunuity to go and experience. Left feeling extremely fortunate for having attended, GO FOXES !!
An absolutely magical weekend! I've been coming since the first one and while I always worry about it growing too big and losing the amazing atmosphere it has, it never does. Such lovely people, everyone is so friendly and approachable, activities are a lot of fun, and the partying in the evening is great. Go Foxes!! 🦊
Such an amazing weekend. Great vibe, fab people and beautiful location. So much fun with brilliant activities and awesome bands. The organisers nailed it. Definitely going again next year. Xx
Went to camp wildfire for the first time this year and it definitely didn’t disappoint! I love that there is a huge range of day activities and thought has gone into them all and the evening is full of fun, live music and DJ’s. good range of food and drinks at the bar! 10/10 would recommend to anyone as it caters for all!
I had the most amazing weekend, I couldn't have asked for a better first experience. Plenty of clean toilets throughout, range of activities for everyone. It's such a welcoming place you really can just sit with anyone and start chatting there's a beautiful vibe throughout the camp. Bought next year's ticket the day after, highly recommend. Thanks guys! ❤🦊
Loved the experience! Got to try out my hand at Aerial Circus (which I’ve wanted to do for years!) alongside Axe Throwing, Crossbows and Firearms which terrified me initially but I enjoyed. Found the first aid / firestarting courses really informative and would definitely love to try the likes of shelter building next year! Great music lineup and also campfire talks/poetry if you’d rather have a quiet night. Would definitely go again! Thank you
Amazing! Attracts all the right sort of people, its not a big commercial festival, but a long weekend of fun with strangers who soon become friends. Can't fault it, you get to learn new things, laugh, dance, drink and generally forget about technology and the outside world. Please don't change! I'll be back x
Amazing weekend! Great fun and I did so many things that I either hadn’t done in years or had never done before. A brilliant festival and everything you didn’t realise you wanted!
An amazing weekend in the woods. Everyone was friendly, relaxed, and respectful of the location and environment. Will definitely be back!
Great festival - a Scout Camp for grown ups! Bush craft, garage music, radio kit, wild shack building, sports. 10/10!
Great fun and really friendly atmosphere!
What a wonderful weekend. Fantastic company, beautiful setting, great entertainment and an awesome selection of activities. I was initially disappointed because I didn't get the activities I wanted. however I needn't have been. the activities I did choose were so much fun, interesting and pushed me out of my comfort zone. excellent weekend. All of our group plan to return 😁
Aaaaamazing weekend filled with beautiful people! Thanks!
Was good fun weekend, a lot's of activities to choose for to fill your day and chill in the evening with music, love it x
Fun times. Beautiful forest setting. Good food. Good music. Don’t hand out plastic cups at the bar - only suggestion would be to sell pint sized mugs for logistical ease, but great effort. Cool camp radio. Didn’t stay so cant comment on camping or showers. Nice vibe. Not too packed. Friendly people. Fun!
Possibly the coolest thing you can do in the heat!
Such a fun friendly place, loads to do day and night.
Your never bored and guaranteed to meet new people
Activities and camaraderie
In a nutshell: A super mega amount of fun. Beyond Awesome. Best time ever. Hooked for life. 🐿🦅🦡🦊

If you enjoy meeting new people, making new friends, getting involved in group games and activities, music and dancing, learning new skills and general larking about and having fun then this is the place for you!
such an incredible weekend! Everyone is so friendly and there's enough stuff going on you can choose to take it easy or party the night away! All ready to complete some fab activities in the day.
best festival I've been to in years!! WILDFIRE CHAMPIONS 2018 SQUIRRELS!! WE LOVE NUTS!
This was our first Camp Wildfire and we absolutely loved it! We were working here but had an amazing time in between our Silent Yoga sessions. I would recommend this festival to anyone who wants to take part in fun activities during the day to earn your party at night
I loved every minute of it. It's such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The music, food, and drink were expertly selected. There's a nice mix of crafty and active activities and the patrol competitions were so much fun. I recommend it to anyone who likes to try new things and isn't scared of getting dirty!
So after a third year at wildfire i said by my orginal review 💚💛
If you want big name bands and selfies and hipster creditably. Don't come.
If however you want to become part of creative, caring, crazy, non stop fun family where you would want to live forever come. I cant imagine amy other festival could tick every box and make new boxes that you didn't think about to tick off. My weekend went from my first paddleboarding experience, some axe throwing and ending on make a tin can tealight candle whilst wearing my own tiedye t shirt. This festival actual has a campfire chat where the organises ask if they can improve things??!?!? This festival makes you Realise that they are some good liked minded people out there and you can't wait to return to see your wildfire family next year ���������
Thank you wildfire
Ps foxes rule ��
It was amazing fun packed weekend, thank You so much for the amazing experience....And I will definitely be coming back every year ❤️
No kids allowed so we get to be kids! Small festival, everyone super-friendly. Brilliant fun, whether you want to make macrame or get chased by zombies...
had the best time at Camp Wildfire 🔥❤❤❤ cant wait for next year. thanks!
So glad I found this event! I'm 100% coming back next year. Met so many like minded people who just love life and want to learn new skills! (However useless some may seem)

Thanks for having meeeee! ��

Still buzzing from the weekend, learning new skills, meeting new people, having fun in the wild and sitting by the camp fire! 100% recommend.
Absolutely fabulous weekend!! Great atmosphere with perfect balance of escapism and wild party fun! Patrols make a nice touch meaning you really feel part of something while you’re there, whether you go as 1 person or 10! Would recommend in a heartbeat - 1st time camperoonie
Fantastic atmosphere, lovely people, great activities!
Amazing weekend with such great range of activities to partake in. Good music at night. Great if you single as they have their own singles club. Have a fantastic weekend with likeminded people and have already brought my ticket for next year! It’s going to be a very long wait!
Absolutely brilliant festival, showers a long walk from camp and could do with a few more loos! Other than that great, met some like minded people and played lots of games in the woods! 🙂
One of the best weekend's I've had. Great energy from every person there. Tried some new things and played some intense games! Currently looking for dodgeball and battle Archy teams to join!
It was an amazing experience! There was an air of camaraderie and excitement. So many activities on offer and lots to see and do!
Highlights were making a sword out of wood with an axe and signing to Mr Brightside. Definitely recommend
The best festival ever! So much warmth and fun from everyone! I keep telling people about it but I also want it to be our little secret! Guys, you rock!!

"This is Utopia"


Super fun, little festival with less music offering than i expected but great activities- though how they got some of them insured I have no idea!!!
An absolutely magical weekend! I've been coming since the first one and while I always worry about it growing too big and losing the amazing atmosphere it has, it never does. Such lovely people, everyone is so friendly and approachable, activities are a lot of fun, and the partying in the evening is great. Go Foxes!! ?
Great festival with a really friendly atmosphere. It’s perfect for you if you like something a bit different and fancy trying new activities. There is still improvement needed with regards to campsite facilities (number of toilets and showers) and the activity booking system was a bit chaotic but that’s to be expected as the festival is still relatively new.
I really enjoyed Wildfire. There was a great range of activities. Just a few points for improvement:Reconsider some aspects of your eco policy - not to serve plastic, and then to ask us to decant wine into plastic bottles on entering the camp, is contradictory. Glass can be recycled, no?Please cut the grass in he camping area - it will make it much pleasanter to walk through.Signage should be displayed from Friday. Looking forward to next year!
Just the best time! I had such an amazing weekend and I wish I could do it all over again right now. I did a mixture of activities both with friends and on my own and had a whale of a time! Everyone is so friendly and helpful and you can really make it what you want it to be. Already booked next year’s ticket!
I absolutely loved camp wildfire!! So different to a normal festival, it's not just about the evenings and the day activities are amazing. I had such a great time and I've already convinced two friends to join us next year! I would recommend it to anyone. Everyone is so lovely! Come on you Hawks ?
My favourite festival. It's the best. Half adventure camp, half music festival - you spend all day doing a random selection of activities you don't normally get to do once you're a grown up, then bands play at night. Really different from most festivals, in a great way.

"A Joyous Weekend"


"This will Catch On"


"Fun in spades"


The Telegraph

"A Weekend Unlike Any Other"


"Pant-wettingly Fun"


"Best Small Festival"


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