1. The Beginning... 


Ten years ago I met a young, scruffy boy called Lee.

Lee and his friends ran a local, independent music festival and asked my band to play in 2010. The atmosphere was unlike anything; a place where music and creativity was really buzzing. It felt like an exciting counter culture and I really wanted to be part of it! 

I was so excited by the passion and imagination of the small team who ran it, we soon became good friends. 


 2. Growing Up 


We spent most of our summers at music festivals, and most of our winters at parties; it was incredibly fun! But as we grew up, the parties and festivals didn't grow too.

We really wanted to go to a place where we could go back to work on Monday with more than just a hangover!

 3. A Movement 


It seemed that the older we got, the less adventures we went on.

Children go on adventures all the time; Summer Camps, Scout trips, Brownie expeditions and so on. They are constantly learning, trying new things, meeting new people. But as we get older, we become less curious, we adventure less frequently. We sit at desks and stare at screens.

We needed a movement to get adults adventuring again.

 4. The Pinetum 

One day we discovered a beautiful, hidden forest in Kent. 

In Edwardian times, the family that lived there had gone on World expeditions, collecting pine tree saplings and bringing them home to plant. 

Now, years on, this heritage forest is full of tall, breathtaking trees.  There is a Japanese White Pine, Himalayan Spruce and even a colossal Californian Redwood! It's such a magical, unique place. 

We knew it would be the perfect forest for an adventure. 

 5. The First Summer Camp For Adults


So, in 2015, after a rather strong cup of coffee (and a considerable dose of gumption!) we decided to build Camp Wildfire.  We gathered a team of our incredible friends and began to plan...

What if we could create a Summer Camp for adults that combined the thrill and fun of a music festival, with the learning and curiosity of an Adventure Camp? Of course, we would also throw in a bit of silliness for good measure.  Camp Wildfire was born.

 Ps. Thanks Wes! 


We love films! And in particular, the amazing work of director Wes Anderson.  If you have a "keen eye" you might have noticed some of his influence creeping through into Camp Wildfire.  So, if you are reading this Wes (stranger things have happened) then THANK YOU, so much! Come and have a drink on us!