Our Story

  1. The Adventures 


When we were kids, we went on adventures all the time! 

We built treehouses in the woods, went to Summer Camps full of awesome activities and ran away from home to live in a tent (usually just at the bottom of the garden, but hey, it certainly felt like a giant adventure!)

We were constantly learning, discovering new things, meeting new people and having a lot of fun...

 2. The Parties 


As we got older our curiosity shifted to the festivals
and all-night parties

We spent our summers at festivals and our winters in the glittering underbelly of London; once again discovering new things, meeting new people and having a lot of fun!

(We loved it so much we started a few club nights and a festival ourselves)

 3. The Idea 

One day, whilst musing on life and what made us happiest, we had an incredible idea!

What if we could combine our love of adventure with the amazing times we'd had at festivals?

Create a weekend for adults to be enchanted by adventures and parties as we had been, and go back to work on Monday feeling inspired by life...

 4. The Forest 


Almost simultaneously, we stumbled across the most incredible secret forest.

In Edwardian times, the owners went on World expeditions, collecting pine tree saplings and bringing them home to plant. 

Years on, the forest is full of tall, breathtaking trees including beautiful rarities like Japanese White Pines and colossal Redwoods!


 5. The First Summer Camp For Adults


In January 2015 we started planning for the first edition to take place that summer!

We made a website to try and explain this eccentric idea and somehow found 350 people that wanted to try it out with us (we love you crazy lot so much! ❤️)

The UK's first Summer Camp for adults was born and we called it Camp Wildfire! 

 Ps. Thanks Wes! 

We love films! And in particular, the amazing work of director Wes Anderson.  If you have a "keen eye" you might have noticed some of his influence creeping through into Camp Wildfire.

So, if you are reading this Wes (stranger things have happened) then THANK YOU, so much! Come and have a drink on us!