Charlie Martin

Charlie Martin is a racing driver and LGBTQ+ activist.  In 2020, she made history as the first ever transgender driver to compete in the legendary Nurburgring 24hr race. 

Having realised she was trans at a young age, her path to professional racer has been a journey into the unknown without any family background in an entirely male-dominated sport. 

Starting out with £1,500 from a summer job post-university, and a can-do attitude, she has overcome huge adversity to succeed as her true self.  She now works with charities, such as Stonewall, to increase the visibility and acceptance of trans people in sport and beyond. 

Last year, Charlie was featured in British Vogue Magazine's 'Vogue 25', a celebration of inspiring women shaping the world in 2021 and beyond.  She is also a keen trail runner, surfer and snowboarder, as well as a vlogger on her YouTube channel.  She's also a Ninja Warrior UK semi finalist, beating the wall first time!