Silent Disco Yoga

SILENT YOGA is an exploration of sound and the sense and is the newest thing in Yoga, growing in popularity in Australia and the US and now here in the UK.

Yoga, with the use of headphones, connects you more intimately with the teacher. It enables you to have a deep focus in the postures as you are drawn away from external distractions, this is known as pratyahara. Just feel the rhythm of your own breath alongside the soothing background music coming through the headphones.

The SIlent Yoga UK team are working together to establish this new, immersive way of practising yoga. Each teacher brings their own experience and unique twist to the class. The classes will be suitable for all levels of experience, unless specified. We are able to cater for beginner or more experienced groups if thats what youre looking for.

The Silent Yoga UK DJ’s and/or our teachers will be playing a carefully crafted playlist of music to immerse you into the Silent Yoga experience. During the winter months on special occasions the Silent Yoga UK team will also be lighting the room to create the perfect environment for the teacher to work their magic. During the summer months we make the most of using the beautiful open space here in Dorset.