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Which Patrol are you?


If you want; join a Patrol, and compete in games to help your team win the coveted Camp Wildfire Cup! These silly, competitive games are hosted by our fastidious Umpires. (Don't worry, these games are entirely optional...you can sit and watch with a cold drink if you'd prefer!)

Patrol Games Finale!

Name that Movie

Tag Pull


Compliment Challenge

Pegface Challenge

Bug Eating Challenge

Rock Paper Scissor Splits

Tug Of War

Human Marble Run

Sunshine Cooldown

Choose Your Patrol:

Howling Hawks:
Gentle, but determined; the strong, silent type. Very able with good mental agility – aims to be first up to catch the worms.

Bantam Badgers:
Protective, passionate, resilient and sometimes a little bit blunt. Less active through the day; really comes to life at night.

Fearless Foxes:
Intelligent, creative and cunning; can be a bit of a trickster. Prefers night time but has been spotted playing in the daylight too.

Stealthy Squirrels:
Cheeky, entertaining, sociable and fearless – loves having fun with others and making the most of the day.

Dress to Impress:

Get in the Camp Wildfire spirit and wear your uniform with pride!  We have a Uniform Store at Camp where you can get everything you will need.

Score Patrol Points:

Patrol Games Finale: