31 Aug - 03 Sep 2018

Society of Adventure #onlythecurious

Adventure activities and forest parties

Camp Wildfire is the unforgettable weekend of adventure activities and forest parties, exclusively for adults, hidden away in a secret forest in Kent just forty minutes from Central London. Steeped in an ethos of adventure, exploration and releasing your inner child, Camp Wildfire is proud to announce a huge range of over 50 activities inspired by adventure sports, bushcraft, wellbeing and much more with DJs and live music ensuring the weekend’s adventures continue late into the night.

At Camp Wildfire, adventurers are welcomed into one of four patrols competing fiercely over the weekend to win Patrol Points; The Bantam Badgers, The Fearless Foxes, Howling Hawks and the Stealthy Squirrels. All patrols will compete in the Patrol Games Grand Finale Race on the Sunday night to win the prestigious Wildfire Cup!

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