31 Aug - 03 Sep 2018

Society of Adventure #onlythecurious

Steeped in an ethos of adventure, exploration and releasing your inner child, Camp Wildfire is proud to announce over 60 activities inspired by adventure sports, bushcraft, wellbeing.

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Whilst Camp Wildfire is busy with activities during the day, there is something for everyone, transforming into a music festival at night with DJ’s and live music in its unforgettable famous forest parties.

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“This is Utopia” – Vice

Choose Your Patrol

Join one of four patrols competing fiercely over the weekend; Bantam Badgers, Fearless Foxes, Howling Hawks and Stealthy Squirrels.

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Patrol Games

Patrol Points can be won in many ways; it’s not all about skill or agility; so keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you!

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The Wildfire Cup

All patrols will compete in the Patrol Games Grand Finale Race on the Sunday night to win the prestigious Wildfire Cup!
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"This is Utopia"Vice
"This will catch on"The Independent