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Frequently Asked Questions


For the dates of upcoming events please see the events listings page.

Tickets are cheaper the earlier you book.

You can check the current price of tickets for each event on the bookings page.

You do not need to pay for anything on top of your ticket if you do not want to. We never try to inflate the costs with any hidden fees, charges or extras.

If you would like to enhance your weekend with us then we offer a range of food, drink, accommodation, travel, spa, treatments, clubs and extra activities at additional cost but these are completely optional.

No. Camp Wildfire is an over 18's event.

Camp Kindling is our Summer Camp for Families: check it out!

If a product or service was not of the high quality associated with Camp Wildfire then please inform us and we will rectify it for you.

We offer a 7-day cooling off period, during which you can cancel any items ordered and receive an immediate refund. 

After the 7-day cooling off period has ended your situation must be covered by our generous Refunds & Exchanges policy to be eligible.

To claim a refund or exchange please email our customer service team on office@campwildfire.co.uk. 

If your situation is not covered then you can consider listing tickets & accommodation for re-sale on the Marketplace or transfering them to friends.

The best way to reach us is via email on office@campwildfire.co.uk

If you have raised a complaint with our Customer Services team but are unsatisfied with the response, you may escalate your complaint to senior management using this form. 

Your complaint will then be reviewed by our Management team, who will aim to respond within 7 days. We care deeply about your experience and encourage you to share anything with us so that it can be addressed.



That's exactly what it is!

We are massive geeks about structure and how the right amount of it can unleash wild creativity and create unimagined opportunities for discovery. We pioneered, and have spent years refining, our unique setup so you can pack more adventuring and partying into your weekend at Camp Wildfire than most people can manage in a year! 

If that sounds lame then Camp Wildfire probably isn't for you.

Camp Wildfire is for over 18's only and most people tend to be aged between 25 and 50. That said, our aim is to make the event as inclusive as we can for people of all ages and backgrounds; the most important thing being that everyone onsite shares the same mindset.

If you’re wanting to make the most of life, are friendly & kind, like meeting wonderful new people, and love a good old dance late into the night then Camp Wildfire is for you and you will be heartily welcomed by our amazing community.

Yes, of course! We've been lucky enough to be joined by lots of solo adventurers each year and look forward to welcoming many more. Unlike other festivals where it can be tricky to make friends, at Camp Wildfire you'll spend all day doing activities together in groups, making it really easy to bond with your fellow campers!

If you're thinking of coming on your own, please do check out our Flying Solo Facebook group, where you can meet other solo adventurers before you arrive! They are extremely welcoming and supportive!


It seems like there isn't because we're always shouting about all the amazing things you can do; but you are in completely in control of your own schedule!

If you want to have a nap in the woods, or relax in a hot tub with a G&T then go for it!

No it's not, but we welcome and cater for those that choose to live a sober lifestyle.

There are a number of bars & cafes stocking a selection of our favourite Teas, Coffees, Alcohol Free Beer & Cider, Alcohol Free Wines and Alcohol Free Cocktails.


We've found the perfect size for Camp Wildfire which is just busy enough to create an electric atmosphere, but small enough that you can get to know everyone and it doesn't feel crowded at all.

That's why tickets are so limited.

There is a competitive side to Camp Wildfire, and some people do get quite into it, but it is not mandatory to get involved and you won't feel left out if you're not a competitive person.

No, you can attend without getting involved in any highly physical activities if you want.

We have lots of arts & crafts, science & engineering, bushcraft & survival and health & well-being activities that are not physically intensive.


Yes! We offer interest & fee free payment plans so you can split the cost of your bookings monthly.

To explore the payment options, please head to the bookings page. Add some items to your basket and we will do all of the calculations for you!

To pay for your booking monthly, simply continue to the payment stage of the checkout process and choose the option to pay monthly. 

Unfortunately not. 

We work hard to ensure that tickets are great value for money for those attending, so are unable to discount them any further. 

If you are looking for an alternative way to celebrate a stag, hen or birthday party and think your group would enjoy the unique nature of Camp Wildfire then you would be very welcome.

We have hosted many wonderful stag, hen and birthday groups before: all we ask is that you are respectful of our code of conduct.

If you are thinking of coming for this kind of celebration, please alert your wonderful patrol leaders on arrival, so they can plan something special to mark the occasion.


You do not need their details at the time of booking: you can transfer them over around the time of enrolment, which opens about 3 weeks before an event.

Tickets include a choice of activities, all live music and DJs, Comedy, Talks, Films, Poetry and Games

To maintain the special atmosphere of our events, tickets are extremely limited!

Tickets and accommodation always sell out quickly, so ensure you are registered and booked as early as possible.

You can register and book for events on the bookings page.

There are 4 opportunities to book. Once tickets and accommodation are released they sell out very quickly. For the best chance of booking we recommend that;

   1. You try for the Earlybird Release, so that you have another chance if you miss out.

   2. You register for the event so that you can access the pre-sale.

Veteran Release
Exclusive access and reward pricing for campers that want to return. This release guarantees tickets and accommodation for veterans for a limited amount of time. If you have attended an event you will be given access to this release via a secret link.

Earlybird Release
Reward pricing for campers that book early. This release has limited availability and takes place in Autumn.

General Release
This release has the most availability but also the most demand and takes place in Winter.

Resale Release
This release has the least availability as it is only for tickets and accommodation that we get back through cooling off periods and defaulted payment plans. It takes place in Spring.

Once the resale has finished we operate a secure Marketplace for campers to list tickets and accommodation they no longer need; this can occasionally provide last minute opportunities to book but with very limited choice. To receive notifications if anything is added to the marketplace, join the waiting list for the event you wish to attend.

For most people we recommend the Standard Ticket. This is the most popular ticket type and it provides an ideal balance between amount of activities and cost.

If you want to go all out and make your experience extra special then the Dynamo Ticket is for you. This comes with priority enrolment so you can guarantee your dream schedule.

If you are conscious of cost and don't mind a slightly restricted amount of activities then the Elementary ticket is for you. You will still have the same access to music, games, talks and food & drink.

New for 2023, we are launching a trial of a new ticket type. It's called the Basic Ticket and is designed to be an affordable and flexible way to access the magic of Camp Wildfire.

With the Basic Ticket you gain access to everything Camp Wildfire has to offer, and can add as many or few activity credits as you want.

The Basic Ticket is ideal for you if you want to spend your time chilling in the forest, enjoying the drop-in activities, Patrol Games and entertainment and occasionally add extra activities on a pay-as-you-go basis.


You can upgrade your ticket type at any time before the event by paying the difference in price.

Please contact us on office@campwildfire.co.uk if you wish to arrange this.

Spa Sessions and Spa Treatments are not included in the price of any tickets.

You can add a Spa Session or Treatment to your booking on the bookings page.

Basic Tickets

Yes! You can purchase activity credits at any time. These are available in 5-credit increments on our website. Please note that if you intend to purchase more than 60 credits per ticket, it will be more cost-effective for you to purchase an Elementary ticket, which comes with 60 credits included.

Yes! Activity credits will be available to purchase from our Info points, however we would recommend that you purchase your credits before enrolment to ensure you're able to secure your chosen activities.

Unless you're within your 7-day cooling off period, you will not be able to downgrade your existing ticket to a Basic Ticket.

We have plenty of free Drop-In activities available at Camp to accommodate the number of people attending. During peak times there are occasional queues for these activities, but they move quickly.

The Basic Ticket gives you access to all of the free Drop-In activities at Camp, plus all Patrol Games, music, comedy and talks. Visit our Activity Credits page to learn more about the range of Drop-In activities available.


Please check out our accommodation page for info on our range of options including Camping, Boutique Camping and Local Hotels.


To give you an idea as to the credit value of some of our 100+ activities, here is a selection of examples from summer 2022.

There are plenty of 0-credit 'Drop In' activities which are first-come-first-served, and don't require you to use any of your credits.

Your weekend will be absolutely jam-packed as it is, but if you want to make it even more special, you can purchase extra credits in addition to your ticket. 5 credits are £9.

If you want the ultimate Camp Wildfire experience then we recommend booking a Dynamo Ticket which includes Unlimited Activities of any type and priority enrolment! This guarantees availability in any session! 

We cannot guarantee you will get to do activities with your friends.

Most people end up doing some activities with their friends and others with new people: it's part of the charm of Camp Wildfire. 

If you really want to guarantee you can do certain activities with your friends then you will need to book a Dynamo Ticket


Most activities are beginner level as Camp Wildfire is about trying new things.

All of our instructors are experts though, so if you have experience in a given activity, you can ask them to help push you further.

Enrolment is when you build your schedule for the event: choosing which activities, parties, talks and games you want to get involved in.

It opens 2 or 3 weeks before the event: once you've booked a ticket you will be provided with lots more information about how it works.

Priority Enrolment opens before standard enrolment allowing priority choice of activities.

For summer 2023, Enrolment dates are as follows:

  • Weekend 1 Priority Enrolment - Tue 25th Jul
  • Weekend 1 Standard Enrolment - Mon 7th Aug
  • Weekend 2 Priority Enrolment - Tue 1st Aug
  • Weekend 2 Standard Enrolment - Wed 9th Aug

Priority Enrolment gives you exclusive early access to enrolment ahead of everyone else. 

This means you are guaranteed to get exactly the activities you want at the times you want them, and that you can ensure you get to do certain activities together with your friends/partners/family if you want.


By night we like to party!

Before we started Camp Wildfire we ran award winning festivals, a club in London Bridge and have toured the world playing in bands. 

We have very eclectic taste and usually include Indie, Folk, Swing, Blues, Brass Bands, Funk & Soul, Disco, House, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Garage, Hip Hop and generally energetic, entertaining and inspiring bands & DJs we discover.

Check out the music page to see the musicians we work with.



Yes, we try our very best to ensure Camp Wildfire is accessible for all.

Please see the accessibility page for detailed information, or feel free to contact us on office@campwildfire.co.uk if you have specific requirements which are not covered.

Yes, over the counter and prescription medicines are allowed.

If you have medicines that require specific storage conditions, please contact us on office@campwildfire.co.uk, so this can be arranged. 

Yes, we do. 

Please see the accessibility page for detailed information, or feel free to contact us on office@campwildfire.co.uk, if you wish to discuss your need for support in attending.

Food & Drink

We work with the UK's most renowned and delicious street food traders to cater for your breakfast, lunch, elevenses, afteroon tea, dinner, supper and midnight feasts.

A large variety of world cuisines will be available and there will be plenty of Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Nut Free options.

A main meal usually costs between £5 and £10 with snacks available for less.

There are a number of bars & cafes stocking a selection of our favourite Teas, Coffees, Craft Beers & Ciders, Cocktails, Spirits and Wines.

Alcohol free & low alcohol options are available too.

A pint of beer and cider usually costs £5-6 depending on the brewer, a glass of house wine between £5-8 depending on size, and a spirit and mixer between £5-9 depending on the size and producer.


There are a number of bars & cafes stocking a selection of our favourite Teas, Coffees, Craft Beers & Ciders, Cocktails, Spirits and Wines.

Alcohol free & low alcohol options are available too.

A pint of beer and cider usually costs £5-6 depending on the brewer, a glass of house wine between £5-8 depending on size, and a spirit and mixer between £5-9 depending on the size and producer.


Yes, if you prefer to bring your own food and drink then you can.

Each person may bring a maximum of 6 cans of beer, cider, wine or pre-mixed spirits. No glass or plastic bottles will be permitted. Any additional alcohol you attempt to bring in will be confiscated.

You can bring as much food as you like, but please only bring what you are sure you will actually eat. Most people tend to end up eating food from the amazing traders even if they brought their own, so please be conscious of not wasting food. If you need to cook your own food, you can do so in the Cooking Area in General Camping where you will be allowed to use your gas stove

We have a selection of the UK's most delicious street food traders with food available to purchase throughout the weekend.

Purchasing drinks from the bars helps us continue running and improving Camp Wildfire; without the bar revenue we wouldnt exist!

Cooking areas will still be provided but it is not compulsory to cook in them; you may cook by your tent if you do so safely.

Cooking areas will include:
  • Tables for food preparation
  • Cooking stations at which you can use your own camping stove
  • Kettle
  • Microwave
  • Cleaning area with sinks and running hot and cold water
No cooking equipment or utensils will be provided - you need to bring your equipment (pots, pans, chopping boards, knives, stoves etc) with you.
You may only bring kitchen knives or folding knives where the cutting edge of the blade is 7.62 cm (3 inches) or less.
You will need to bring your own camping stove as these will not be provided at the cooking areas, but you will need to be certain that your camping stove meets the safety requirements.
Camping stoves which us the following fuel types ARE permitted:
✅ Screw-on gas canister of maximum size 500g
✅ 'Easy Clic' canisters of maximum size 500g
✅ Steel or CalorGas canisters if you are in a live-in vehicle with fitted internal cooking facilities only (5kg max)
✅ Methylated Spirits
✅ Methanol, Ethanol, Isopropyl Alcohol
✅ Solid Fuel Tablets
✅ Gel Fuel
Camping stoves featuring the following fuel types ARE NOT permitted:
❌ Pierceable gas canisters
Pierceable gas canisters require the canister itself to be punctured by the user and do not include any safety features for keeping the gas safely contained in the canister, hence why it is prohibited.
❌ Aerosol gas canisters
Aerosol gas canisters are often used in low cost camping stoves which place the canister very close to the heat and flame, hence being a fire risk. This type of canister and stove are banned across Australia due to their increased fire risk
❌ Electric hobs or hot plates
Electric hobs and hotplates require power outlets in order to work. As these facilities are not provided on site, these are not permitted.
❌ Barbecues of any fuel type, plus any charcoal or wood fuels.
Barbecues of any type, along with any charcoal or wood based fuels including Swedish logs are not permitted.
❗Anyone found bringing any of these restricted cooking items and fuel into the event will have the items confiscated.❗
We will provide a communal campfire in General Camping and fire pits in Boutique Camping. No other campfires or fire pits are allowed; if you are caught lighting any kind of fire you will be evicted from the event without refund.
You may only bring mallets with a wooden or rubber head.
Glass jars and cosmetics containers under 100ml. All other glass will be confiscated on entry.


Once you have booked your first ticket you can choose a patrol to join.

There are 4 patrols: Badgers, Hawks, Foxes and Squirrels.

Your patrol is like a huge family that will welcome you to Camp Wildfire and help you to get to know new people.

Over the weekend you can win patrol points which can help your patrol win The Cup. You can win these for excellence, kindness, humour or just by bribing the right people!

You can choose how much you wish to be involved in your patrol and the competitive side: most people tend to find it quite funny and it's all very good natured.

Heroic Hawks: Gentle, but determined; strong and valiant. Very able with good mental agility: the first to catch the worm.

Bonkers Badgers: Fun, cheeky, ‘a bit loopy’, passionate, resilient and fun-seeking. Less active through the day; really comes to life at night.

Stealthy Squirrels: Cheeky, entertaining, sociable and energetic – loves having fun with others and making the most of the day.

Fearless Foxes: Intelligent, creative and cunning; can be a bit of a trickster. Prefers night time but has been spotted playing in the daylight too.



You can wear whatever you want: most people tend to wear something in the colour of their patrol, but there's no pressure to.

Official Camp Wildfire uniform is available via the Wildkind Stores on arrival at events!

Some items sell out fast so it's worth getting in early.



For details on our sustainability goals and initiatives please see the sustainability page.